Bright Angel Hydration System Bundle
Bright Angel Hydration System Bundle
Bright Angel Hydration System Bundle
Bright Angel Hydration System Bundle

Bright Angel Hydration System Bundle

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Hydration System

Stay hydrated on the trail with this hydration system that features a 2L reservoir, hose, bite valve, and magnetic clip that's compatible with Bright Angel Outfitters' Rim2Rim Pack.


2L Water Reservoir: Our hydration system includes a high-quality 2-liter water reservoir, providing ample hydration capacity for long hikes. The reservoir is constructed from durable materials and features a slide-open design for easy filling and cleaning.

Bite Valve and Hose: Equipped with a convenient bite valve and hose, the hydration system allows for effortless drinking on the go. Simply bite down on the valve to release water, keeping your hands free to focus on the trail.

Compatible with Rim2Rim Pack: Specifically designed for use with the Rim2Rim Pack, our hydration system seamlessly integrates with the pack's insulated water reservoir pocket and hose guide slits, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. A magnetic hose clip is also included which, when attached to the magnet on the pack's sternum strap, holds the hose in place while you're hiking.

Universal Compatibility: While designed for the Rim2Rim Pack, the hydration system is also compatible with most hydration backpacks that can accommodate a 2L reservoir. Whether you're using our pack or another model, you can trust in the reliability and performance of our hydration system.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Adventurous: Don't let dehydration hold you back on your outdoor excursions. With the Bright Angel Outfitters hydration system, you can quench your thirst and keep exploring with confidence.

Ships in May USA only.

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